Thursday, 2 February 2017

Points to remember while online shopping

Guys as we know better that this is modern age. Many inventions are developed by the human by which makes our life better. but today people love shopping by internet. Yes guys they love it because it is a easy way to shop anything from home. You need not to go anywhere. You just need your internet and android phone. Many software’s have been developed for purchasing the products online as Amazone, Flipkart, etc.
So friends it is a easy way to shop by sitting at home with the help of internet. But have you everyday thought that this may be risky.
Yes friends! You are right. It is a hacking age. Lost of hackers make different fake websites to hack your PC or to get your account details etc. That's why it is risky to purchase online products.
But guys you could be secure if you follow some easy steps . 
In this us article i am going to tell you purchasing online products safely. How! Let's get it 
First you must have fully secured antivirus that secures your PC from the melons of the websites.
You have to be sure that the website ,in which you have logged in, is real or fake by which you are going to shop.
You must know the market price of the product that you are going to purchase online and check how much profit you are gaining from it.
It always happen that many online shopping websites gives discounts at the moment of any festival as Dipawali, Holy etc.
Online shopping websites provides they customers offer coupons and promotion codes time to time. Whenever you purchase any product then you will get profits by purchasing the products with the help of promotion codes and offer coupons.
If any customer want to exchange the used product to get a new product, some online shopping websites give you right to do so.

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How to recover deleted photos


Hello guys! Guys we know better that we have no control on time. It always passes. So we can't enjoy the same time again and again. That's why people capture the images wit the help mof camera. So that they can remember the old good memories to see that. Students take a lot of selfies to keep remember the earlier days of life and spent time with friends. So sometime it happens that your images deletes by mistake or by someone. So you get trouble. But guys what i am going to tell you in this article, you will be happy. Yes in this article i am going to tell u how to recover deleted picks. So Let's start it! First of all you need to download RECOVERY MANAGER SOFTWARE according to your PC will supportable. After that you need to connect your Smartphone into PC by USB. No go to in following menus in your Smartphone. Setting>Developer option>USB Debugging After starting USB debugging Your phone will be connected to PC After that you will see your deleted Image. Now select your desire recovery file and click on next button. Here you will get two options in which u have to select SCAN FOR DELETED FILES  for recovery. now you will see a picture box. U have to recover them. now your picture will be stored in your PC.

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Download youtube Video in your Smartphone.


Now this time people are so interested watching video on smartphones. everyone want to see video on their Smartphone. its region  is that we can see any video any time any where in our Smartphone on youtube. But again and again then we watch the video its used data so much so that if you want to see the favorite video again and again download it and don’t waste your data. By the you tube you directly download the video in your Smartphone. for that open your phones play store and download any better app and install it on your phone.This app help you to searching video by the you tube and download. Then you first time using this app simply select your favorite video and click the green arrow and select the file format now download it. then open your device gallery and go the video folder and enjoy your video.Now you can see your video without using data.And remind that by the copyright act don’t share this video any one.

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Wireless Home Networking

Fix Connectivity Issues
It sounds crazy, but 95 percent of all Internet connectivity problems can be solved by power-cycling both the router and the modem. Turn them both off, and then turn the modem back on first. Once its "sync" or signal light comes on, turn on your router.

Use Encryption
You've probably heard this before, but it bears repeating: Always enable your router's wireless security! Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption is the oldest (and weakest) form of security; the newer (and stronger) Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and WPA-2 are the best protection available today for home users.
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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Do You Know if It’s Hardware or Software That’s Behind a Problem?

When your computer decides to act up, how do you decide if it's a hardware problem or a software problem that's behind it? The tips that follow should help you determine where the cause of your problems lies.

When your computer has slowed down
Computer magazines and knowledgeable people often talk about older computers being slower. If you aren't that familiar with computers, you may misinterpret what they actually mean.
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