Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Simple Solution of not responding problem

                  When we used much system, causes of some problem or application defected application not responded and PC work has stopped. It is a bigger problem for those people which used computer very much due to this problem we restart his computer and our work progress are affected.
          We tell you a simple solution for not responding task. When our computer struck or not responding used following step –
1. Firstly we press a combination key Alt+Ctrl+Del then click to the File menu and in File menu clicked in New task(Run).
2. After it typed given code -- Taskkill.exel/f/fi ‘status eq not responding’ if you not remember the code and you done this process automatically , We followed given steps-
(a) Open the Notepad
(b) type the code- ‘taskkill.exel/f/fi status eq not responding’
(c) and saved file in .bat form

                After it any program not responded, clicked in saved File.
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