Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ways to improve your PC's performanc

Hello everyone, If your PC isn't responding well or doing things as quickly as you think it should, you can try some of the tools included with Windows to help improve performance. Perform tasks that can help improve performance.
          Here provided some Information and Tools can help you improve your PC's performance.
Click on start button and chose Run option.

  • On Run type msconfig and click OK button.

  • Now you have see System configuration Utility a window and chose this windows start-up menu.

  • Now you are see many services. They are start when your computer on.
  •  Then click Services button and now show all services in your PC has no use. 

  • Now tick Hide all Microsoft services and click OK Button. 
  • Now restart your system.

Then restart your PC you see your PC work faster then before.
Click on start button and chose Run option.
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